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asleep at mal 9/09
this is sooo crazyily wrong 
11/26/08 5:06
asleep at mal 9/09
i've been hearing bits and pieces about this case for the last few days...


basically a man is being taken to court for possessing manga - comic books that some idiot deems to be child pornography

as she says - guess my autobiography would be illegal as would i expect yours
11/26/08 14:08 (UTC)
Hai, plz fix link, 'casue I couldn't see what you were talking about..:)

My book/DVD collection = same story I am sure..
(Deleted comment)
11/26/08 22:05 (UTC)
11/26/08 16:51 (UTC)
whoops-- and here I just got vols. 13 and 14 of Love Hina out of the library. See you in court!
11/26/08 21:29 (UTC)
this has nothing to do with your post but do you still have thanksgiving plans? i tried to email but got a failure message from comcast :(
11/26/08 22:06 (UTC)
sent you email but short answer is yep; call or text if you need more info and the email doesn't arrive