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asleep at mal 9/09
1/2/09 10:41
asleep at mal 9/09

i usually don't make resolutions because i too think they often fail

that said, i also consistently try to do the healthy thing (eating, exercise, etc) and when i do "fall off the wagon" i get back on fairly quickly - i stopped beating myself up about that stuff a long time ago as it's counter productive

however, if i were to make any new years resolutions this year they'd be
1) exercise more, even if it's cold out and i don't wanna go use the bowflex
2) remember to take better care of my face (and remind t to do so as well) - cleanser and moisturizer twice a day would be a good thing
3) finish dealing with split
4) get back on a firmer financial footing

not that these aren't things i've been working on anyway - and yeah, i fail some days, but i keep trying
1/2/09 18:58 (UTC)
Maybe try to put yourself on a tighter schedule? i.e., get such and such financial thing done by the end of the month, or try to have x amounts of hours exercising done each week? Just smaller things you can do, and then adjust as time permits...
1/2/09 19:28 (UTC)
Good resolutions and it's good to build in forgiveness - feeling like you "failed" is a quick way to want to quit. If you have a buffer - small enough to not let you slide, but big enough to keep feelings of failure away - you might have more success.
1/3/09 0:47 (UTC)
Actually you want to cleanse once a day, at night. In the morning and in the evening after you cleanse, use a non-alcoholic toner before moisturizing, it helps the moisture sink in instead of sitting on your face. :)