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asleep at mal 9/09
omfg - this is so dead on... 
1/14/09 17:25
asleep at mal 9/09
all you boys and girls out there? you should read this - single or not it does apply...


and phreddiva this may offer an idea or two for your next v-d post...
1/15/09 1:48 (UTC)
That was the most lucid explanation of that I've ever seen. I may actually have learned something.
1/15/09 1:54 (UTC)
glad you enjoyed it, and it's even better that it hit home

i know it made me think about a few things in my past and now and to realize how lucky i am that this time i've met a boy who doesn't fit this pattern

although i'm the type who's sloppy at worst (as is t), so we always clean before guests are coming over of pretty much any type - must hide the clutter away and remove the hair dye from the counter again...
1/15/09 15:22 (UTC)
Excellent link! Really drives home the "everything you choose to keep around you, be it items, thoughts or friends, says a LOT about who you are" point home. Hope some people really listen.
1/16/09 16:54 (UTC)
Nick's comment, though, is absolutely dead-on. During my last bout of not-living-with-anyone, I lived in a sty. And it wasn't just me, before you got to my apartment, you had to get through the building (which was not dirty per se, but I have seen more welcoming prisons). And yet I had what we shall term a healthy sexual environment. Of course I didn't have anything on the walls; I had no wall space. Every inch of the walls of my apartment was bookshelves. And all those bookshelves were crammed. (This save for the computer desk-- which had bookshelves atop the bit not holding the monitor-- and a place on the main room wall where the bed was. No, I couldn't use the bedroom, because the bookshelves were truly wall-to-wall and it was only an 8x8 bedroom in the first place.) For that matter, I had books two-deep on them (something I still do despite having sold off 90% of my books to finance our wedding; bookshelves, especially those particle board things, do not move well, and I have moved seven times since that apartment, which I lived in in 97-98).

In a seven-hundred-square-foot apartment containing three thousand books, it's a guarantee that there's some sort of common ground. Even if it's the obsessive anality of actually alphabetizing all those damned books (which took me two months, but then I was out of work and had nothing better to do).

Hmm. Maybe having every book in its exact and proper spot was counter to the scary, scary bathroom (which even I didn't enter).
1/16/09 17:15 (UTC)
not sure what comment you refer to above, but i understand the thing about the abundance of books and a small space...

i don't have wall-to-wall books anymore (got rid of a lot of them when i relocated) but i'm constantly buying new stuff and then trying to figure out where to cram more books in the limited amount of space i've got

being a bit of a foodie on a really restricted diet doesn't help either - because some of my regular foods can only be ordered online and a case at a time makes the tiny amount of cabinet space a huge challenge - i think the 2 cases of dreamfields that arrived yesterday will end up stored under the bed or the futon until i figure out a better place
1/16/09 21:11 (UTC)
not sure what comment you refer to above,

Nick = nihilistic_kid. First comment on Cat's post. He's absolutely dead on.

I miss the books sometimes. I do still have the collections, for the most part, off in separate bookshelves, and there are 10-12 bankers' boxes still in the closet waiting for room, but I got rid of so many of them in 2003... these days, I don't buy them unless I'm getting a really deep discount (bag day at the library sale is awesome, and box day at the Case book sale is even better-- a $5 a box, I usually pay an average of eight to ten cents a book) or I've got a gift certificate, so the acquisition problem is pretty much curtailed. Well, until I have disposable income again.