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Question of the Day
Is it better to be good at a lot of things, or great at one thing? Discuss. (from

both? being good/competent at a lot of things indicates that you're a well rouned individual, capable of handling a lot of different situations

for instance... i'm a good cook, i'm good with math, cisco stuff, basic construction and electrical work, dancing, dressing myself well, making home look nice yet fit my personality and tastes

and i've become an excellent (if slow) seamstress over the years, which contributes to being good at a few of the things above - this is probably the thing i lose patience with most often, but also the skill i show off the most and love to do in spite of the frequent frustration when my first attempt at a design doesn't quite work out

but if i wasn't good at some of the the other tasks i wouldn't have time or money to dedicate to sewing/clothing design, and if i didn't have the creative outlet of designing and making clothes i'd never have the patience to do many of the things i'm good at (which are often boring tasks because they come so easily)
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