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asleep at mal 9/09
please take a minute to read this and follow up? 
5/18/09 19:13
asleep at mal 9/09
i know not all of you will agree with me, and that's your choice, but i feel this is really important - we need stem cell research to continue and increase and this is a big step toward making that happen...

the NIH is currently accepting public comments on their new guidelines for stem cell research. the right wing religious groups have been pounding them with requests to stop this research, so please if you have a moment read this link and respond at the NIH website link listed with your comments.

the more people who ask to have stem cell research allowed the more likely they will be to loosen the restrictions and then more research will be possible, perhaps leading to cures for things like parkinsons, luekemia, m.s., etc

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5/19/09 4:44 (UTC)
i concur; there's a base letter at the bottom of that link asking them to further loosen the restrictions and allow more sources to be used
5/19/09 7:33 (UTC)
I went and commented. Thanks for the heads up! I really do believe that Stem Cell Research is fundamental to progress of science as well as humanity.

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5/25/09 3:08 (UTC)
Done, and the link soon to be forwarded and reposted!
5/30/09 15:17 (UTC)
Here via rm, sbisson, shadesong, matociquala, rosefox8 and yuki_onna. Adding you, if that is okay.

I have MS and support stem cell research but I live in the UK and so cannot really help with this I am afraid. :(
5/30/09 15:32 (UTC)
welcome :)