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open letter to my family...

thank you to the lady of the manners...

this website offers a bit of an introduction into the gothic side of things, and some very cool commentary and discussion about what goth is, and why many of us embrace the darker imagery and style...

for me, (and note: i don't call myself a goth as i can't dance to goth music - it's too slow and ethereal) the subculture that falls under the broader name of goth/freak is a good place to be; the people show more intelligence and thought than the average american; most of us are well-rounded adults - we dress weirdly but we have good jobs; a decent education (whether college or our own reading/studies); a love of books, art, music, film; and we're the least likely group to cause trouble at an event or club night

all these things add up for me in a positive way - i can go out with or without ty or other friends, and walk into an event or club full of people who are equally insightful, who don't do drugs, who don't start fights, and who protect one another - which means that in spite of the out there/semi-revealing club clothes, the mohawk, the impractical love of corsets and high heels, i'm in a safe place and can relax and enjoy drinks, conversation, and especially dancing without worry (even if the area the club is held in is scary as Dan noted the night he met me in DC for a show - LA's clubs aren't in neighborhoods that bad which is a nice change)

anyway, the young lady who does the website is doing some videos as promotion for her first book, and this is the link... - yes, it's a quick overview, but it's a good start to perhaps understanding why i choose this for myself
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