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asleep at mal 9/09
i know you have access to a computer - so you need to read this... 
7/1/09 2:00
asleep at mal 9/09
Cory Doctorow's New Guardian column: What happens to your keys and passwords when you die?


and yet again, i'm reminded i need to put together a dnr, a living will, power of attorney, and at least a simple will and testament (not that i have a lot of stuff or any money, but i don't want to leave a mess for t or my parents if something happens, and i definitely don't want to be put on life support for any significant amount of time)

and i'd bet a lot of you need to do some of these things too
7/1/09 12:32 (UTC) - interestingly, I realize,
I've almost never thought about this. Then I realized that I don't care too much what happens after I die. (I in no way mean that as any insult to those who do, just an observation. :) ) I have no children and probably never will. My family is a bit distant and would not be surprised by anything one might find on my hard drive. I guess the living will thing is an issue. I have no desire to be a brain dead husk sucking up resources...
7/1/09 15:38 (UTC)
Financial issues aside, the whole etiquette on dealing with things like email is a little weird to me. I was checking my mom's email for her when she was in the hospital(bill notices mainly), but neither me or my dad have even considered looking at it since.

I know some people will send emails to the deceased as their way of saying goodbye, but I have no idea if anyone should ever read them, or if we should continue to leave those accounts open.

And you may or may not already know this, but even with all the documentation in order dealing with the legal aspects of someone's death is still a massive undertaking. My father is planning to transfer ownership of everything he owns, bank accounts, the house, car, etc to me, so that there is as little legal involvement as possible when he passes.
7/1/09 15:59 (UTC)
*nods* I tend to forget that I'm going to die someday that I should be organized just in case. Thanks for the reminder.
7/2/09 22:38 (UTC)
I really need to get something legal declaring my best friend as M's legal guardian should something happen to both his father and I, and I would love to get a life insurance policy with him as the sole benefactor. Other than that, my friends can fight over what little stuff I have, and my best friend already has every password to every website I'm on, and has been instructed to back it all up on a disc and delete it.
7/3/09 0:13 (UTC)
I should also mention, if this seems not very thorough, that I don't actually own a computer, never have, so the only thing I have that's worth protecting is my online journals, and the friend I entrusted my passwords to knows much more incriminating information about me that will never be typed or written, so in the unlikely case that we have a falling out, her exposing my LJ would be the least of my worries. ;)