alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

braainnns (link courtesy natf)

funny thing is, i know i've seen It's a Wonderful Life (as a matter of fact we had to write papers on the story arc/scripting in film school, so i've probably watched it a few dozen times, and read the script repeatedly) - but i can't remember uncle bill at all

and people keep asking me why they don't see me as much these days... unless i'm having a really good day, i don't feel like walking to 7-11 would be smart, let alone driving or riding somewhere by myself - i'm lucky that i have wonderful friends and an awesome primary who don't mind picking me up, but i am so fucking tired of being dependent on other people

as a side note, i've been playing around online a lot more since i'm out of work - i'm finding that reading so many different things is at least keeping my brain active, so i've finally gotten a twitter as well... - although most of the time it's just re-tweets and notes of what i'm reading/watching elsewhere
Tags: media/funny/etc, medical

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