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asleep at mal 9/09
braainnns (link courtesy natf) 
7/4/09 21:36
asleep at mal 9/09

funny thing is, i know i've seen It's a Wonderful Life (as a matter of fact we had to write papers on the story arc/scripting in film school, so i've probably watched it a few dozen times, and read the script repeatedly) - but i can't remember uncle bill at all

and people keep asking me why they don't see me as much these days... unless i'm having a really good day, i don't feel like walking to 7-11 would be smart, let alone driving or riding somewhere by myself - i'm lucky that i have wonderful friends and an awesome primary who don't mind picking me up, but i am so fucking tired of being dependent on other people

as a side note, i've been playing around online a lot more since i'm out of work - i'm finding that reading so many different things is at least keeping my brain active, so i've finally gotten a twitter as well...

http://twitter.com/alumiere - although most of the time it's just re-tweets and notes of what i'm reading/watching elsewhere
7/5/09 5:18 (UTC)
Hey, thanks for the link. I liked reading it, poignant as it was.
7/5/09 5:32 (UTC)
i'm sorry. i can't imagine feeling sick/out of it for so long. i hope things get better. i'm out of work too so if you want to get coffee or some such thing sometime i have no problem driving someplace!
7/7/09 0:19 (UTC)
wow. That was hard to read. I already have ADD, so I forget things as is, but it is hard to see my father, who has progressive MS, forget things and become kind of a different person, because he has so little impulse control. I still have RRMS, and he was diagnosed before they develop any of these disease-modifying drugs, but it's hard to watch.

I know where you're coming from with the not feeling up to doing things too. I have not been out in ages-- I did not even stay to watch the fireworks Saturday night. Know where you're coming from with the good primary too-- don't know where I would be without my boyfriend.