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asleep at mal 9/09
7/5/09 22:55 (UTC)
"...Geek males are horridly self sufficient."

That is so true. So, so, so, true. My sweetheart has a birthday coming up, but he already bought himself everything he wants. I had to threaten him ("I'll tell everyone in your family that what you really want for your birthday are elaborate, ornate, non-standard chessboards") before he caved and racked his brain to find some gift-bones I could throw to the relatives.
7/6/09 1:19 (UTC)
cute! it's a shame anybody needs to point out that people with hobbies they enjoy are probably going to want to keep doing them and you should either let them, or find somebody with no hobbies.

are you by chance going out to malediction this evening? i am thinking of it to get my mind of tomorrows telephone interview with the EDD :P
7/6/09 1:31 (UTC)
we'll definitely be there; hope to see you later
7/6/09 3:23 (UTC)
Those were both super cute. :)
7/10/09 16:33 (UTC)
very funny. and of course true.