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asleep at mal 9/09
a few links... 
7/25/09 3:25
asleep at mal 9/09
cute animal video of the day - deer bathes cat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpMwAHmnbS8&feature=player_embedded

this is sooo squeeworthy... addams family the musical w/ nathan lane & bebe neuwirth: http://www.theaddamsfamilymusical.com/

from greygirlbeast: How is it I never saw Annie Lennox's video for "Love Song For a Vampire"? Baffled, I am. http://bit.ly/alCF2
7/25/09 17:55 (UTC)
!!! cuteness overload *head explodes*
wow that deer & cat thing is so adorable i could barf. male deer and kitty BFs