alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

on whitewashing of book covers

yeah, yeah - lots of political stuff here atm; i have had more time to pay attention to things since i'm not working, and if i can make a difference by spreading the word a bit then it's a good thing

of course this in many ways ties back into my frustration with so many things that i see happening in our country - Dr. Gates' arrest, the whole President Obama wasn't born in the US thing, the crazy people who think the church should be allowed to rule our country, the fact that Avatar the Last Airbeder and the Prince of Persia films have white actors in the leading roles even though the original characters are clearly not white, etc

anyway, feel free to comment here, or on the ABW blog or skip this entirely if you're not interested; i suspect a lot of similar posts will continue - i sometimes forget how far we have left to go in this country (no, electing a black president does not mean we're now a post-racial society)

and a perhaps more positive follow up - some thoughts on teaching about race in today's america:
Tags: political

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