alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

medicine cabinet

someone asked me yesterday about all the meds i take, and i thought a picture might make it a bit more comprehensible

the bottles on the bottom shelf and all but three on the upper shelf are all mine

the main rows on the lower shelf all get taken at least once a day, plus a few more that have to be refrigerated, and many things including the heparin, the first visible row from the right (there's another row on the right that you can't see), and the base pain meds are two times a day - so that's 27 different meds once a day, plus 10 more and heparin twice a day every day, and extra meds for migrains and bad pain days, etc

i wish the medical community could figure out a way to rebuild my system (stem cells?) instead of replacing the individual hormones, proteins, etc that my body doesn't make

and what i'd like even more is for the doctors to be able to figure out what is causing the memory/brain malfunctions and the numbness... i wouldn't complain about taking another half dozen pills/day if there was something to fix those issues...

i just want my life back

9:15 pm - ETA - and just now, t broke one of his front teeth off at the gumline - so now we need to come up with money to pay for that too
Tags: medical

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