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asleep at mal 9/09
thank you!! 
8/6/09 11:29
asleep at mal 9/09
to everyone who's been donating or reposting this (or both)... this is making a big difference - both in donations and the suggestions for help in dealing with bc/bs and the state assistance and social security disability programs!

previous post http://alumiere.livejournal.com/324901.html with more links to information on this and details on what's prompted me to ask for help...

please keep spreading the word if you can - i greatly appreciate the help - there is still some ground to make up for me to pay for the next round of tests, and new treatments
8/6/09 23:26 (UTC)
I just had another thought that may be something to help you out. A lot of the drug companies have hardship assistance in buying their particular drug. You would have to apply but that may be another way for you to trim back your med costs.
8/7/09 4:06 (UTC)
yeah - i wish i could do that; unfortunately a bunch of the meds i'm on come from a "compounding pharmacy" (ie: big pharma can't make $ on them because they're not new, they're very old, so they don't make them at all - instead i get them from a pharmacy that makes them themselves)

the few meds that come from a regular pharmacy are covered with small copays by bc/bs (about the only thing they cover)

go me for having to have replacements for almost every hormone/chemical my adrenal system is supposed to make