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asleep at mal 9/09
grrr... the stupid amazes me 
8/11/09 9:01
asleep at mal 9/09
so yesterday i finally got some paperwork from CA unemployment that makes it look like they might pay me something some day

but first, they want me to list all the jobs i've applied for since 5/31/09... however, i haven't kept a record of the applications since most of them have been off the CA unemployment website that both their original paperwork and the website told me i had to sign up for and use to search for jobs from - only they didn't mention the need to keep a record of the jobs i applied for from their website

am i'm supposed to read minds now?! as if i don't have enough problems already...

in other news, the donations to date have let me pay my cobra through september, and pick up the prescriptions that i needed to get me through september as well... unfortunately, that pretty much cleaned out the account

those of you who have donated and/or reposted, my thanks for all your help; if i could impose on your kindness to repost this to any sites/lists/etc you haven't yet posted it to and/or ask your friends online to repost this, i'd greatly appreciate the help spreading the word, as i'm still in need of help with my medical expenses (go go US health care system)

when i filled my current prescriptions i talked briefly with my main doctor, and i need to go in for another round of blood work plus some other tests he wants, but in order to do that i have to pay for the last round of blood tests first and come up with my cost for the other testing as i have yet to reach my deductible of "allowable" expenses with my insurance so far this year

and for the previous posts about this and/or my medical issues see http://alumiere.livejournal.com/324901.html, http://alumiere.livejournal.com/323900.html, and any entries that are shown here http://alumiere.livejournal.com/tag/medical
8/11/09 17:09 (UTC)
Allowable expenses..these insurance people make me gag on my own bile.

Hey, dropped you an Email so I wouldn't get too wordy here. In short, gonna repost all this on Black Pages now that folks are home from War, & other boards once I do an interest-bumping sale on my work site.