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asleep at mal 9/09
dragon*con rooms 
8/21/09 6:15
asleep at mal 9/09
we've finally made decisions on dragon*con

due to finances and my health issues our LA contingent is not going to make dragon*con this year - pout (maybe 2010 or 2011)

however, we booked three rooms at the marriot (at the con rate of $170/room + tax) - each is two double beds from thursday 9/3 to monday 9/7 - two of those rooms has been claimed but the other one is up for grabs

so those of you who are currently booked in overflow or other hotels who want to move or those who need a room, speak up now

first two people who ask will get these rooms; feel free to spread the word to others who you know but i don't - i'd rather transfer them to someone we know than cancel them and have the hotel re-book at full rates (i will cancel wednesday if these haven't been claimed)

and for those of you who haven't stayed at the marriot before i consider it the best of the con hotels - the lower lobbies get nuts, but the main lobby usually isn't too bad (except sometimes getting through the doors), there are plenty of elevators most of the time (no excessive waiting to get to your room a la the hyatt), the pool/fitness area is nice, and the rooms themselves aren't bad - although i've heard some pretty horrid things about the marriot chain lately we've always had good experiences there even though we're clearly a group of freaks all the time, not just for the con
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8/21/09 15:48 (UTC) - Re: I'm presuming I'm the one that's already allocated ;)
once i have takers for the other two rooms i'll call the marriot and find out what i/we need to do to transfer the rooms and get back w/ you; i'd rather do this all at once!