alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

east coast trip itinerary

dates 8/29/09 - 9/8/09

8/29 fly in saturday evening, dinner, dancing at, crash in baltimore
8/30 wake up, drive to pa, bbq or whatever with mom, grandma, etc - we'd like to get to see everyone if it can be arranged; crash in pa
8/31 spend the day in pa w/ mom and family,
crash in pa
9/1 day in md/dc including possible face time w/ my attorney and food w/ friends, crash in md/dc
9/2 day in md/dc including possible face time w/ my attorney and food w/ friends, crash in md/dc
9/3 wake up, head towards dad's in raleigh nc, afternoon/evening and
dinner w/ dad, kim, courtney - crash at dad's
9/4 spend the day in raleigh and crash at dad's
9/5 drive back to dc area, dinner? and for mohawkadam's visit (note you should pre-purchase tickets for this)
9/6 up in the air - md/dc, pa, or maybe a day in nyc depending on everyone else's plans
9/7 also up in the air - maybe go to six flags md? if we don't do trip to nyc or pa; either way we'll wind up in md that night and crash in md area
9/8 fly out of bwi - arrive at rental return by 9:00am

if you want to do food with us on any of the dates we're in the baltimore/dc area please let me know - we'll figure out locations, times, etc in the next week

if anyone has crash space for two people (we will pack an air mattress & sheets, probably need pillows & blankets depending on the temps of your space - treat us like CA natives - below 85 is cold) on the following nights, please let me know - we're low maintenance, i may want a corner of your fridge/freezer to stash some food and an ice pack in (yeah restricted diets)

8/29/09 in walking distance of e*shock would be my first choice, if not in baltimore or very nearby (we need to be heading north on 83 by 10 or 11am for family bbq, etc)
9/1/09 and 9/2/09 in the dc metro area
9/5/09 in dc area
9/6/09 & 9/7/09 unknown - doing anything fun labor day weekend you want to take us to? we are contemplating more time in md/dc, more time in pa or possible trip to nyc (my first home, t's never been there) although we'd like to end up in md on the night of 9/7/09 so commute to bwi is easy

we ask that no matter where you've reached this from if you're interested in getting together while we're in md/dc/etc or have crash space to offer please comment here (so i have them all in one place)... all comments are screened so your offers/plans won't be public; feel free to pass this information on to friends who don't read my lj/myspace/facebook

p.s. for those of you who know about my medical/financial woes, this trip was planned last february; we've made some major modifications to minimize costs and stress on my body, but decided not to cancel after talking to the doctor and my family
Tags: medical, on the east coast, weekend plans

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