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asleep at mal 9/09
well that sucked 
8/30/09 5:26
asleep at mal 9/09
so... flight in to baltimore was pretty ridiculously loud, we got no sleep at all

when we landed as no-one had responded that they were joining us for dinner we decided some quick food and a nap was in order; unfortunately we slept until almost 2am (i missed the 9:30pm alarm), so we went back to sleep (yeah for 13-14 hours being normal sleep for me) - sorry if we missed you at eshock; hopefully we'll catch up with everyone during the next week (damn it, i really wanted to dance last night too)
8/30/09 15:14 (UTC)
sweet! I'm actually making a special trip to Faire next weekend :)
8/30/09 21:05 (UTC)
Lots of people there to see you! (Not meaning to be a guilt trip thing, just telling you that some old faces were there.) I'm glad you got some rest, which is more important sometimes if you need it.
8/31/09 20:34 (UTC)
Oh, hope the rest of the trip goes better, but you have to listen to your body. :)
9/2/09 22:18 (UTC)
I tried to reply to the reply didn't somehow go through. I will make a special trip to spell bound, though.