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asleep at mal 9/09
thanks to rm for posting this link so early in the morning...… 
9/10/09 23:04
asleep at mal 9/09
thanks to rm for posting this link so early in the morning...


it's not yet midnight here in la, but the article above made me miss the nyc i once knew - changes had started long before; by 2001 nyc was someplace i visited rather than somewhere i thought of as home

i wish i could adequately describe what the city did for me when i was young and impressionable, or how much i lost there; suffice it to say there is absolutely no way i'd be who i am today were it not for the time i spent there

i'm glad that the city "came back strong" and hope that perhaps my next trip east will afford a chance for a weekend to see a show, do some shopping and enjoy a good restaurant or two
9/11/09 13:26 (UTC)
The Manhattan I grew up in -- right around the corner from the Museum of Natural History -- had vanished long before 9/11. Still love NYC like mad and consider my life a perpetual diaspora 'cause I don't live there.