alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

trip back east (part the first)

sleeping through eshock and never catching up with the baltimore area crowd

i missed seeing a lot of friends i really wanted time with, and many of those i did see i got to see too little of (sorry to all of you who this encompasses - i thought i'd scheduled enough downtime between activities; it appears i was wrong)

part of this was because i was too tired and run down (jet lag?) to function well even after what should be plenty of sleep (even in bunch of not home places i was sleeping 12 hours or more at a stretch)

i also more sorely felt just how out of it i am much of the time; even when i was awake and with people i wanted to see i found it hard to keep up with conversations or activities and wound up sitting at a meal or something watching t and my friends (who he'd just met in most cases) try to entertain each other around me - my apologies to anyone who was the victim of this

my grandmother is hanging in there; she's now in a hospice where she seems to be doing ok overall i guess, but it's obvious that grandma is frustrated with the fact that most of her fellow patients are too far gone to hold a lucid conversation... so of course the day that we go to see her there i'm so exhausted i am barely coherent

our hosts in md (thank you again for putting up with us) have a lovely house and two awesome dogs, but the dogs definitely made sleeping hard at times - especially for t, who kept getting up to quiet them down most mornings so i could sleep

i was surprised and dismayed by the number of people i no longer recognize, especially people i'd known for years... it was amazingly disturbing to not know who our former housemate was (someone i've known and lived with for a decade +) until deadmoonrising pointed her out at spellbound - i was awake and functional most of that night, so it freaked me out a lot that i didn't recognize her at all even though i'd noticed her repeatedly in the crowd

and md faire? well, the tourists thought i was part of the attraction apparently (even with a 10" tall lit mohawk), and got quite rude when i politely asked them to leave me/us alone to enjoy our day - we quickly wandered to the back bar and took up residence there for a good bit of the afternoon as the tourists weren't as annoying

then there were the frustrations of being differently abled - from TSA not wanting to allow me to carry on a cooler with my meds onto the plane either direction (several of them must be kept refrigerated and had to be taken during flight), to being given a hard time about using a cane at both lax and six flags, to trying to stick to my diet when not at home cooking every day (and an aside - even though i wasn't at home cooking i still managed to tear open my lower left arm without noticing until the next day? two days later? - it was scabbed over and bright red - wtf is it with not being able to feel my extremeties?)

six flags was exceedingly annoying - first, they wanted us to get flash passes to get "handicapped access" at a cost of $15 per person (i was finally sent to the appropriate person for an access pass), then because there were no lines to speak of the day we went (labor day) i was walking through the normal entrance with everyone else whenever i could, only the ride staff didn't want to allow us to leave my cane on the platform (apparently they thought it was a fashion statement until i started threatening them with an ADA lawsuit; then they backed down)

as if living with chronic illness and constant pain (and damn did the weather make my pain spike through the roof for much of the trip) isn't bad enough, having people harass me because of it really infuriated me

and now, i'm sick as hell, haven't really kept anything in my system since we got home, and t caught a nasty cold as well - today was the first time he's left the house since we landed here

so, to wrap up the bad parts of my trip - i missed too many of the people i wanted to see, traveling while broken sucks big-time, and not recognizing people i've known for years or being lucid enough to carry on a conversation? i want the docs to figure out what is causing this and fix it yesterday
Tags: medical, on the east coast

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