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asleep at mal 9/09
and more neat stuff... 
9/12/09 11:08
asleep at mal 9/09
n8zilla has a solo show in LA opening tonight: http://n8-zilla.livejournal.com/425021 - check it out if you're in the area

a sale of gorgeous pieces to benefit pancreatic cancer research from my friend fiestydiva - http://bit.ly/2Z7jMl

http://www.stormchaser.ca/Caves/Naica/Naica.html - worlds largest crystals (up to 36' long)

how to work w/ geeks - i agree with all too much of this although it doesn't apply solely to IT but any good tech: http://bit.ly/15Rm4z

printed speakers specific to your taste in music: http://lnk.ms/0N0py

i'm loving these beautiful pieces of art and science http://bit.ly/17Iy3e

i concur: from feliciaday's twitter I have to link this spoof of Avatar because it blows my mind and I can't stop laughing, surreal: http://bit.ly/AWH2O
9/13/09 5:51 (UTC)
thanks for the advertisement! i hope you feel better soon!
9/13/09 14:08 (UTC)
Thank you so much for helping to promote the PurpleSale!

It's been so hard trying to get the word out, and after everything I learned at the Johns Hopkins lab tour yesterday I realize how underfunded this horrible disease is.