alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

grrr... still sick, still not king

so i mentioned i got sick upon returning home from the trip east, right?

still haven't managed to keep a substantial amount of anything except water in my system since wednesday (meds are staying down as long as i take a few at a time spaced out); i manage to sleep for a few hours at a time after taking a round of stomach meds until it wakes me up again; also lost 10 lbs in the last 4 days... this is frustrating and not a good way to lose weight - i'm exhausted, cranky, and miserable and i haven't left the apartment since this started

blood work monday and follow up with both pcp and specialists once the test results are back; i hope they can figure out wtf is causing all these problems as i'd really really like to have things get back to semi-normal sometime soon
Tags: medical

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