alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

trip part two (all the good stuff)

getting to see a lot of friends and family and introduce them (however briefly) to t

landed saturday, picked up rental car (go USAA for great discounts - we upgraded to the prius hybrid for a total of $20 more for the 10 days than an economy model, and that was way cheaper than renting through hertz or any of the other sites directly)

sunday was gorgeous weather wise, family reunion was lovely, lots of intelligent conversation, good food that i could eat, a good nite's sleep

monday got to have lunch with miss dot and spent some time w/ grandma at the hospice

tuesday drove to dc area, met w/ lawyer which went ok i think (still wish my ex would make a reasonable offer but it's his apparent desire to go to court and pay alimony on top of debts, etc), dinner at piratz with my cousin (not totally thrilled this visit - food was ok but not awesome, service was ridiculously slow due to short staffing), surprisingly ran into joe/lemur and his gf lisa there (they live in la)

wednesday we went to the new air and space museum at dulles for a few hours (t's call, but neat) and then took a nap before going to see apop at the 9:30 club (thanks for the tix!) - also, ran into another left coaster (ikirus); apparently i'm more likely to see some people when we're all 3000 miles away from home than when we're within driving distance of each other... show was mostly good but i'm not thrilled w/ the new album and the crowd was disappointingly small - dc scene seems to be very sad in comparison with la

thursday to dad's in NC; fixed dinner from his garden and freezer

friday we went to market with dad for fresh veggies (german johnson heirloom tomatoes=awesome); we cooked dinner together again (dad and i were always the cooks in the family) and my 1/2 sister joined us as well; she still looks like she's in HS even though she's in grad school

saturday - breakfast then head out of dad's toward dc, nap, shower/hair/dress, then spellbound (was nice to see people, but the space? not impressed, see comment about dc vs la above) - still miss trax & nation

sunday - renfaire - lovely weather when we arrived, but a short rainstorm hit (twas ok - it cleared out the mundanes quite a bit); dinner at jaleo in bethesda with freaks was excellent

monday - six flags - other than the cane stupidity it was excellent; rode all the non-water coasters except wild one, most of them 2-3 times as the weather kept crowds at home (there were almost no lines anywhere, and even less after the rainstorm)

tuesday - up too early to get to airport; back to la - sooo glad to be home

note: part 1 is here
Tags: medical, on the east coast, split from zooom, weekend plans

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