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more stuff on invisible illness week... - the main website

my thirty questions on living with invisible illness in case you missed it is at - about tmjd, pcos, and other illnesses
note: i was formally diagnosed with tmj sometime when i was a teenager, but i've lived with it ever since i was put in braces/headgear at age 7 to shift my jaw into alignment so it's something i'm so used to i forget it exists (my overbite was huge, they pulled 8 adult teeth before starting treatment at 7, and when my wisdom teeth came in those were pulled as well); that said, there are foods i can't eat and i cannot do certain things (like chew gum or open my mouth wide) without pain; for those of you who notice my jaw cracking when i yawn or chew, that's the tmj

about the monetary costs of living with a (mostly) invisible illness, in this case diabetes

about living with a permanent disability (damage to L3-L5 disks)

all i can ask of you, my friends and family is that you keep pushing for true health care reform on behalf of everyone in the US - our country's uninsured/underinsured and those of us who live with imperfect health desperately need better care (and i do not mean mandatory private insurance) including a public option
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