alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

more on health care 'reform'

so a friend asked me what it was that has me so concerned about the health care 'reform' proposal many see as most likely to pass the senate by many observers...

what to do? contact your senators, congresspeople and the obama administration and tell them how much you want reform that actually fixes things and the baucus plan will absolutely not do that has links to find the contact info for everyone...

and as a follow up, this point from hermine_93
*I would, however, differ with Wendell Potter's assessment ( in one important regard. The Baucus bill is not a "gift to the insurance companies," it is exactly what they paid for. At a mere $3 million, a bill that makes them hundreds of billions is a bargain for the insurance companies, but it is not a gift to them. Baucus was paid handsomely for his services.
Tags: medical, political

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