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meds tracking

i've been updating twitter with this stuff for my reference, but i can't seem to make twitter send the tweets to lj so i'm going to drop a summary here with some additional notes; from here on i'll do email to lj post once a day until i adjust


adderall (a) day 1 (took instant release pill ~ 1 hour ago) - heartrate now 88 bpm - and i feel hyper as hell

also, early signs of a headache/migraine - will take something for that after lunch

day 2 of flexplus & mitont - other than being hard to get down they seem ok

a + 2 hours - barely touched lunch; did manage to get the rest of my meds down, very unhappy stomach now, but it could be a or the flex plus

walked to ups next door, heartrate now 92bpm; this is not encouraging

boy home, worked out with me (lite workout), heartrate currently 108 after 20 mins cooldown; could be worse i guess; do not like this

and speaking of medicine, picked up my new anti-candidia med today; pre-insurance cost $2,138.69 for a 5 week supply; that is crazy (other meds are expensive as well, but that one is ludicrous)

still hyper, still no appetite and food is unappealing (tried salad, "rice", cheese, salami) - if this is a regular affect this med won't do


still awake/hyper, pain and sleep meds doing zip (taken at ~9:30) - stomach still upset too although i did eat cheese & tomato with the meds

still wide awake although heartrate/hyper aren't as bad (80bpm now), also headache/stuffy - maybe from flu mist yesterday? grrr

grrr... now at ~ 15 hours since first dose of a; still wide awake although the hyper isn't so bad; i need sleep but body not cooperating

sun is coming up; i should have been asleep 7 hours ago; cranky and barely lucid

finally ready to sleep i think; not happy but promised to give this time for my body to adjust before stopping the adderall (from 6:15am)

~ 5 hours of sleep; up to take morning meds, adderall=insomnia and other side effects - bleh, will give it a week though

at least heartrate is down to 76 atm - seems sleep meds wore off but some adderall still in system (this is high for 1st thing in the day)

days 2 & 3 on adderall - took half doses both days as full dose was too much, nausea, vomiting, etc continue but at least i'm less hyper

although yesterday & today were my first two days on the new anti-yeast (vfend) as well - maybe that's what is causing stomach problems...

either way, accomplished errands and some cleaning/rearranging with t; am finally calm enough to sit here and type


day 4 on adderall; took full dose this am; hyper again/still, but not as bad as day 1; i also slept last nite ~ 13 hours (sound sleep too)

dizzy, hyper, upset stomach; also head/memory fuzzy & headache builds (a-4, v-3, m&f-5)

home; danced much; adderall today = high as a kite, nausea/stomach upset does not improve yet

slept 9 hours; stomach still upset, not as fubar as last night but still off; i do not like this (oh, and a seems to cause muscle cramps/spasms - pain's been bad all week, didn't realize the cause until yesterday when a friend asked me if i'd been clenching my teeth when she heard about the adderall - and i have been; tmj, hip, shoulder pain all up since starting the adderall)

also, managed to work out in spite of continued stomach ickiness; i am now lightheaded, heartrate after cool down 104 bpm (adderall)

productivity abounds today - went to the bank, dropped off a bunch of non-needed items at out of the closet, and am making quiches now

that said, brain stupid; concentration almost impossible; boi is helping me cook/make sure i don't hurt myself again (his day off)

shoulders, hip, jaw ache, side affects continue to be very unpleasant stomach wise (think this is the vfend and/or flexplus/mitont, right now i'm on vfend 2x/day, friday it goes down to 1x/day and i'm hoping that will help; if not i'll stop the flex plus/mitont for a week and see if that helps - reason i don't think it's the adderall is the time of day - within an hour tops of vfend/flexplus/mitont my stomach starts gurgling), and i am wide awake when i should have been in bed 3 hours ago


muscle relaxers and heating pad are doing nothing atm; side effects seem to be making pain issues w/ fibro worse than ever; heart 88bpm (~3am)

up at 6:30am after 3 hours sleep, waiting to hear from divorce court; exhausted & hyper at the same time (hoping body adjusts soon!!)

~ 9am going to try for more sleep now; adderall for today not due to be taken til 11, hoping i can wake long enough to take it and pass out again

the side effects overall are BAD, but the insomnia? that is going to make everything else worse if i don't adjust - less sleep=brain works badly (napped for ~ 3 hours after this)

really annoyed now; new tests for lyme require me to pay in advance $960 and hope bc/bs reimburses me... i cannot afford this!

so in short - new meds are kicking my ass at the moment; and the great thing is that i also need to add cipro and doxicyclene to my daily meds - doxi first starting monday, then cipro starting weds (2x a day, at least 2 hours apart from any other meds/food - so 5am wake up, take antibiotics, hope i can get back to sleep til 10)

oh, and the upset stomach diet? i'm now down 20 pounds in less than a month... i was up from my usual weight when we got back from MD (probably due to not as healthy food wise when travelling), but i can't afford to lose more than another 10 pounds before i'm too thin - so my body needs to stop being so difficult about these meds or i'm going to have to stop taking them

follow up with (new) primary care physician on 10/14; with specialist 11/30
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