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meds continue - tues/weds/thursday/friday am

rest of tuesday - still having major stomach issues with one of these new meds; weight now -20 lbs from return to LA; after t got home we worked out and watched some hells kitchen on hulu but concentration and reading ability are zip atm

wednesday - decided to skip flexplus today as based on the timing of upset stomach that was the most likely culprit - that seems to be the cause of the worst stomach ick, i am going to stop taking that for now; adderall adjustment continues slowly, but no progress on the numbness (cut myself instead of veggies this morning; fortunately it was fairly minor - i noticed it when the blood started dripping as i was eating so it can't have been long; after t home we worked out again, more h/k and in bed by midnight (hyper not as bad today, heartrate at rest leveling off in high 70's/low 80's w/ adderall; it's dropping to low 70's after sleep meds)

thursday - managed to get some sewing done today (woke up feeling fully present around noon after ~ 10 hours sound sleep (finally); so decided to get something productive done; shirts cut and being assembled for staciadevi) but by 6pm or so i was back to what seems to be the norm, fucking simple things up and unable to think; without the flex plus stomach absolutely much better than with it (note: this doesn't mean problems are completely gone; being back to less than 20g carbs/day is rough enough without the added constant need to run to the bathroom that flexplus caused - so considerable improvement, but not normal or comfortable - when friends can hear stomach gurgling from across the room my body's not right); no workout today (busy weekend and early wakeup tomorrow = take the day off and rest; go to bed early); caught up on hells kitchen after t got home and took sleep meds at 7pm so i'd be out early (bed around 9)

friday - up at 8:00; 8:30 divorce pre-trial hearing went badly; i woke up confused and spent most of the time not understanding what the master was even asking of me; tried to sleep more afterwards but upset and stressed = sleep? no way; concentrate? are you kidding? writing this paragraph has taken me nearly an hour

so the addrall wasn't making me sick, but it doesn't appear to be doing much for memory/concentration either; flexplus was making me sick and i've stopped taking that for now
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