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asleep at mal 9/09
10/9/09 17:52
asleep at mal 9/09
prompted by multiple things including today's divorce pre-trial call, a "why post personal stuff publicly - for pity?", and other idiocy from people who barely know me - this is my journal; if you don't want to see the fucking medical crap then skip it; there's a reason it's behind a cut (but it's public so my family and doctors can see it)

i would love for everyone who's been giving me shit lately to spend a week in my body - intermittent inability to remember even their own address; unable to concentrate enough to do half the things they need to do on a daily basis; surface numbness in arms/hands/legs to the point that i've got scars from some of the burns because i couldn't feel whatever it was burning me; unable to leave the house without a babysitter because hey - i may or may not be able to find my house after i walk the three blocks to 7-11; and the constant pain and fatigue and other symptoms that go with being me at this time...

oh, and tell them that broken memory or not, they're responsible for taking 45 meds a day at the right time and in the right doses to keep them functioning at their current level of unhealthy (and put up with the side effects of said medications)

then see how they cope with things like some idiot who obviously hasn't read my file asking for a definitive date when i'll be better...
(Deleted comment)
10/11/09 16:29 (UTC)
LOL I *like* that!
10/10/09 2:18 (UTC)
Or how about "10,000 sperm and YOU were the fastest?" I just stole that off of facebook.
10/10/09 2:48 (UTC)
I could have written this. :) *hugs you*
10/10/09 9:26 (UTC)
it was really cool to see you (and your illuminated tresses) tonight. fuck anyone trying to give you shit for dealing with things beyond your control. there's enough important stuff to worry about, without being bothered with/by the trivial...
10/10/09 12:51 (UTC)
Sorry you're having to go through what you're going through.

I write "overly personal" things all the time. A few times it's blown up in my face, but on the whole I find it... healing. Message in the bottle doncha know.
10/10/09 13:07 (UTC)
Not sure who has been giving you shit but having lived with MS for the last 23 years, I can sympathize with the shoes you walk in.

10/11/09 16:30 (UTC)
Ah - yet another PwMS in the wide world. There are so many of us, aren't there?
10/11/09 16:28 (UTC)