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asleep at mal 9/09
national coming out day 
10/11/09 15:54
asleep at mal 9/09
rm put much of what i would want to say down much more elegantly than i could, so go, read http://rm.livejournal.com/1728441.html

as for me? i came out to my parents as bi many years ago but i don't know how much of the rest of the family is aware of it; pretty much any presence i have on the web screams that i like both girls and boys and all my friends irl know this is part of who i am, as much as loving to dance or being a bookslut is

with my family it's not that i hide anything, more that at least right now, my primary partner is male and i've yet to meet the right girl in la (and not for a long time in dc either - i am apparently too picky or scary or something)

it will happen in time i am sure and as t and i are in an open/poly relationship there will be things to discuss and more partners to consider - but it will all be good because we communicate well and i've always been upfront and honest about this (i have failed too many times at monogamy; that is a lesson i learned the hard way, and probably hurt a few people in the process as well which i deeply regret)
10/12/09 2:10 (UTC)
Happy Coming Out day to you too!