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friday - bad mood and aggro/unable to concentrate continued unitl i took a rare daytime dose of clonazepam; i knew if i didn't calm down i'd make myself sick; not a fan of that medication (it makes me fuzzy and i rarely take it unless i'm freaking out badly) but it did it's job friday; after t got home we napped together for a while then dressed and put my hair up with new ( brighter) lights and went to bunker where i dance off some of the remaining aggro and went home earlyish (in bed by 2am)

saturday - woke briefly at 5:30am, took a second dose of sleep meds and went back to sleep til it was time for my morning meds to start; i think i'm ok with the adderall for now - it raises my heartrate a bit and my appetite is lower (i am forcing myself to eat, but food doesn't taste good a lot of the time) - but at least i'm only sleeping 8-10 hours/day as opposed to the sometimes 16 hours i was sleeping before adderall, so it's helping the fatigue - however, the hoped for improvement in memory/concentration does not appear to be occurring; the worst of the stomach problems appear to have been the flexplus; i will not try that one again tyvm

sunday - slept well again, awake and trying to get some stuff done online but not doing so well at that (eye focus is doing strange things, words appear to be pulsing on the screen as if it switches from right eye to left eye being the only one open - wtf? vertigo maybe? - anyway, i'm going to try to clean up the kitchen do something away from the computer for a while and see if this stops) - managed to eat most of my "pasta" and sausage lunch though - temp drop during the day plus dampness sent pain levels way up though, and the pain meds make me stupid (which is one of the many things i don't like, and why i try not to take them); also by the time we got home from the club something wasn't sitting right and i got sick (meds? dinner?)

monday - woke up still tired, but adderall makes sleeping past about 9 hours hard; stomach still sour as well - i managed to get some cheese and veggies down for lunch along with my meds; am not starting on the doxy until tomorrow because of my already upset stomach - i hurt today, all over, but thus far have stayed away from pain meds and am curled up with heating pad trying to ignore the pain; i did make it to wumpskate and skated quite a bit for me despite the pain; broken and fitful sleep afterward though

tuesday - started doxy at 5am today - so far, i'm a bit more nauseous than normal, and dizzy/vertigo like symptoms have returned with a vengance, also cold and rainy in LA = pain still way up - i am going to try to make soup and clean up the kitchen once t is home to make sure i don't hurt myself (did i mention how much i hate feeling like i need to have a babysitter? but yeah, numbness in both arms/hands today is BAD so cooking without supervision is not a bright idea); second dose of doxy at 5pm; stomach not happy at all, dizziness continues - t did help me make soup and bread (uber low carb thanks to almond flour) but brain is mostly present

so far i seem to have finally adjusted to adderall, it's helping my need for excessive sleep, and allowing me to do a bit more physically than i was before without exhaustion, but overall no real change in memory/numbness that i can see; the flexplus made me so sick i will not try that again; antibiotics started (they should help with the memory/numb IF this is lyme or a related bacterial infection; if not no change expected)
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