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wednesday - broken sleep, not well rested, made it to my new pcp and then t and i got groceries; i am not sure i covered everything in the appointment i needed to, but i like dr. paranal - she listened to my questions, reviewed my 2009 blood test results and talked with me about the treatment plan i'm currently on; she understands my situation at least as a starting line (and she also did my annual girly exam while i was there - i need to schedule my 1st mamogram and get her copies of my next blood tests); by the time i got home i was literally ready to pass out though; 0 spoons left, made t cook

thursday 12:30am; should be in bed, but can't sleep; two doses of doxy yesterday caused major nausea (even when taken with food) but the big problem is the candidia in my throat/esophagus is bouncing back (it hurts to swallow, tongue turning white again) - go me... and today i add cipro twice a day as well - bleh

thursday 5:30pm - slept badly again but at least i managed to sleep for about 9 hours total today which is decent; nauseau no worse w/ cipro, throat no better, dizzy as hell, t is going to help me make dinner as i'd probably hurt myself badly if i tried atm - since dizzy and nauseaus are known side effects of doxy and they started when i started on the med i'm fairly sure that is the cause of the worst of this, but this blows

friday - broken sleep continues (partly because w/ the antibiotics i have to wake up at 5am, take those w/ food, go back to bed til 11, take t3, back to bed til 12:30, take adderall, 1:00 take lunchtime meds & eat; 5:00 take doxy & cipro; dinner & dinner meds between 7-9pm, no more calories after 2am so i can wake up at 5 to start again) - and cipro seems to make me overheat... nausea somewhat better today, but dizzy intermittently continues... made it to bunker, but felt like ass most of the night; dizzy and nauseaus and found it hard to enjoy covenant or dancing

saturday - meh - managed to get meds and lunch down, now to dress so when t gets home we can hit the lip service warehouse sale - particularly looking for nifty notions and trims for some of our sewing projects; i need to learn to cope with this shit more gracefully (i fully expect violet will take more pics of me asleep on the couch at mal tomorrow if i don't miraculously feel better)
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