alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

wow - lets kick my anger into overdrive shall we?

i am absolutely disgusted that "the land of the free" where "all men are created equal" is this broken
- being raped is a pre-existing condition and more from rm here

and i think i posted this article in a tweet, but i've been reading some of the responses too - good stuff, scary stuff, infuriating stuff

i am sorry if any/all of this offends you, but as i said in a response to someone (white, male, burner) - just because you think you haven't seen this or experienced it personally doesn't make the discrimination, harassment, assault, etc of women (or poc, gay, trans, differently abled, or any other minority) not exist; it just shows that either you're not paying attention or you are part of the problem (at a minimum by letting your friends, family, coworkers, etc get away with telling sexist, racist, and/or ablist jokes, wolf whistling at women, calling someone a fag or a cunt or a dyke without consequence)

and i'll end with this (hey - maybe you can help make things a bit better - and please, these ideas usually apply to any type of discrimination or harassment):
Tags: political

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