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asleep at mal 9/09
1/25/02 12:58
asleep at mal 9/09
had a great time (as usual) at the club last night; drank a bit more than normal though... made watson stay sober and drive home... got to the house and discovered that someone had pushed the button lock on the inside door and i couldn't get in... slept in my chair (love the lazy boy) in the garage with the propane heater on til zooom got up... going out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant tonight (the red sage) with a total of 18 people in the group... looking forward to it. and watson is going to come fix our computer tomorrow... yippee
1/25/02 17:47 (UTC) - Well, crap ...
... I did so want to go to the Red Sage. But I'm writing this from work. I'll be here for another couple of hours.

Oh, joy.
1/28/02 10:25 (UTC) - Re: Well, crap ...
is not your fault; i was unable to add additional seats, that is why i didn't mail you about joining us (but then sam & dianne didn't make it and karen & ben & kyuss were very late so we would have had room anyway... for february we are talking about hitting the brickskeller w/ a large group, i'll add you to the mailing list