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sunday - functional enough to do some sewing (kilt repair for t) and make it to mal; napped on the couches again for about 90 mins, but danced later despite how much it hurts; meds no real change - i do not like them or the fact that the candidia is worse and weight continues to drop (food tastes bad most of the time; forcing myself to eat every 4-6 hours but can't seem to keep enough calories to halt loss)

monday - woke up and started moving around noon, it's 1:20 and i'm ready to go back to bed - hate this; incapable of using sewing machine, watched hulu and did a bit of hand sewing (sewed my left hand to skirt and punched needle eye partway through right thumb without noticing), meds still making me dizzy, dehydrated, and alternating burning up and freezing every 20-30 mins; broken brain and numbness are not improving

tuesday - sleep what? hot/cold, tossed & turned all nite, finally managed a few hours of sleep between about 6:30am and 10:30 am when elephants/cleaners began working on the upstairs apartment - i am barely capable of standing atm i'm so exhausted and dizzy; going to try to eat lunch/take meds without getting sick; so far i've been out of bed for 5 hours, and i've managed to sort laundry and eat; sent t to laundromat by himself as i'm so sick (but hey, brain is mostly working today even if i can barely read because of the dizziness); dizziness finally cleared late evening (~9pm?) but i could not sleep yet again (mainly my mouth/throat - candidia is very bad, i can barely swallow and breathing is beginning to hurt as well - yeah antibiotics)

wednesday - now 5am, still awake; this is not good; also, heartrate way high all day/nite (currently 92 bpm, and that's 17 hours after adderall, having spent most of the day on the couch reading, and with sleep meds which are doing nothing); now 8pm, 37 hours post adderall (i skipped today's dose because i seem to be overstimulated already - adverse reaction to something? body adjusting to antibiotics? did i take a double dose of T3 or adderall tuesday or today by mistake? unknown due to too many meds/conditions) i am still awake, have taken 3rd dose of pain meds & muscle relaxers, 2nd dose of sleep meds, and just now 1 dose of clonazepm but still up, heartrate currently 96 - did manage to fix dinner and help t put away 1/2 the laundry though

thursday - finally slept for about 14 hours last nite (barenly woke up for meds); heartrate back to high normal; i've taken all meds on schedule today too; no appetite at all, but that too is "normal" atm - migraine today though; rest of thurs = boring (although t and others did remember my birthday) and i managed 1/2 slice of lasagna

friday - sleep broken but ~ 8 hours, stomach v. upset all day; managed to keep a piece of veg lasagna down but that's it; brain fuzz most of the day; pain = 10+ as well; went to bunker because i told b i would, but ouch ouch ouch - barely danced although music wasn't bad

saturday - not yet 2am and we're home; didn't dance enough by any stretch, very down and pissy all nite at club (sorry for those of you who tried to chat) - partly mood, mostly pain - meds weren't doing anything so i took a second dose at the club and managed to ignore it for about 15 mins before ^ pain = can't dance again (i miss loads of amaretto as painkiller); heating pad now, hope to sleep
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