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saturday - woke with beginnings of a migraine; didn't manage to keep lunch or lunch meds down; double vision, dizzy, nauseous as hell; but my brain is firing on all cylinders atm (migraine has become a good sign i'm all here); antibiotics again in an hour; will try to take lunch meds with dinner/dinner meds (late is better than not at all); got the really important meds down along w/ "quesadilla" at dinner but that was it; watched the rest of dead like me w/ t and then slept for 12? hours (sleep length increasing again; maybe i've adjusted to adderall or i'm getting sick or the fight between candidia, anti-candidia, antibiotics and natural good bacteria is sapping my energy?)

sunday - ok day; brain working pretty well; read, wrote a bit; up ~ noon and took nap at 6pm; then woke up and managed to lose two hours to mind blank; made it to mal late and hallucinating b/c i took the hated pain med (it makes me visually and aurally "see things") but it did work to keep the pain at a level i can cope with so i danced a good bit (the cute girl i was dancing with was also a major motivator)

monday - could not get up; kept setting the alarm for one more hour; spent the afternoon/evening at hypnobella and s's place trying to sort wiring problems in fog cannon; by 9pm we'd figured out how to get power to both, but not why the switches wouldn't work (whether the switch was on or off, pumps were on); gave up and headed home - migraine most of the day too, but that means i could mostly think

tuesday - slept ~11 hours but woke exhausted and really fuzzy around noon; b picked me up and we headed back to h & s's for more work on the fog cannon; by the time t got off work and over the hill i'd figured out one of the two fog machines wiring (note - fuzzy = concentration for shit, shaky hands; took almost 5 hours to figure out how to wire switch into one fog machine - this should have taken an hour or less); finished the second one's wiring by about 9pm with t's help; both machines are now wired and have working switches for the pumps so b & co can seal things up and make it look pretty tomorrow; one thing about numb hands today - can't feel the small shocks so i could mash wires together without pulling the plug every time or i never would have gotten even one working - this is not right btw, t touched one of the bare connections and jumped back a foot; i touched it and felt nothing (seeing sparks, visible smoke, or one of the guys telling me there were sparks meant not the right connection) - but i also couldn't feel the heat coming off the heating elements so there are some nice burns on my fingers; plus nausea again all day; also a happy thing about today is that i was able to deliver m's galileo telescope (which hypnobella & s will have to help put together no doubt) - and now, i'll try to sleep

wednesday - 12 hours sleep, still exhausted, can't get back to sleep; headache; fortunately nothing hugely important planned today as i hope to nap after lunch meds
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