alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

angry enough to "spit nails"

i just got a court filing from my ex that was so full of half truths and untruths that i cannot believe he filed it...

especially infuriating was this:

he states that i can travel by myself based on the fact that i was in md in august with my boyfriend who was vacationing with me and did all the driving, etc (as he does all the driving here in la or other friends pick me up); the fact that i attended events including a club night and renfaire while i was visiting; and that I sometimes use twitter, etc. during business hours

and i'm not sick because there are pictures of me at clubs - where i am frequently incoherent (and i do not like that this happens but it's a fact of life at this time), asleep on a couch, in the bathroom thowing up dinner/meds, or in too much pain to walk around let alone dance - but this is my only social interaction most of the time so i do go out when someone is willing to take me and i'm not feeling too nauseous

that written documentation or phone testimony of my illness is not acceptable because "there is insufficient proof of who is testifying. Additionally, Ms. Turner seems to be able to attend events which do require a certain level of physical activity." (nowhere have i ever said i was bedridden or unable to walk/do limited physical activity - i've said i cannot travel by myself because of my memory problems)


i wish i wasn't such a "good guy" when i moved to la, that i had demanded he buy me out of the house and that i be given half the property (or paid for it) when i moved; and i recommend anyone who is going through a split, even with a good friend insist on half the minute you no longer co-habitate
Tags: split from zooom

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