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asleep at mal 9/09
club pics 
10/28/09 18:55
asleep at mal 9/09
this is what happens when i go out...

since the ex seems to think going out to the club makes me safe to travel by myself, i thought i'd share a few recent pictures of me...

asleep at mal again (9/27/09)

yes, i really am this pale; meds plus much sun=bad sunburn and peeling; that isn't a good thing either b/c sun is guaranteed to make me sleep and sleep well; my body clearly misses it

t waking me up to go home from mal (6/09) - note the wool & brocade cassock as blanket over dress & stockings; it was probably about 90* in the club

with dreadeddragon and ophelia_no_yume 7/09

you see, the club is the only real socialization i get these days as our apartment is very small...

and the fact that t doesn't really drink and is always willing to drive, plus the fact that i can fall asleep at mal without worry means that i take advantage of going to the club whenever possible - even if i'm only awake for an hour or if i'm too out of it for real conversation at least i get to see/be around people and sometimes (gasp) dance for a little while - but that doesn't mean i'm healthy, able to get there & home by myself, or not in pain

oh yeah - it doesn't hurt that entrance is usually $2 at mal and often comped elsewhere - which makes it affordable socialization as well
10/30/09 17:06 (UTC)

The soul needs feeding with friends, music, culture, fun etc. Without it chronic pain is worse and we (who have it) lose the desire to fight for out health and our lives. When chronic pain is in your life, you really have to struggle to find a reason to get out of bed. Friends and good times can make all the difference in the world.

I use to say, I am going to hurt, even if I am in bed, so I might as well do the things I can do.

I know people don't get it, but you can have fun even when you hurt, you can have a social life when a normal 9-5 job is difficult to maintain. You still get to have a social life if part of it is sleeping on a couch in a club.

I am so sorry you have another hurtle to cross.

10/30/09 18:13 (UTC) - thank you
and if i may, i'd like to quote you in my cover page for the court

because whether or not i am able to attend in person, my chronic pain and health are part of the proceedings at this point, and you've put it much better than i have