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asleep at mal 9/09
bunker/combichrist halloween party 
10/31/09 12:59
asleep at mal 9/09
it seems like most everyone had a good time; i was exhausted and achy, spent a lot of time sitting/sprawling in corners; i think i managed to sort-of dance to two or three songs (the japanese demon lady costume was a hit - although i tore one of the white out contacts trying to put them in, so i was missing that part)

combichrist themselves sounded good, especially given bunker's lack of true sound system for a band; i didn't see very much of their set though (see above)

the decor and theme rooms worked well, both the club staff & managers and b who designed the decor were happy with the results - glad i was able to take care of the fog cannon and the sewing that was needed to make it happen

the fog cannon itself shorted out somewhere between the switch and the second pump, but still worked well and looks awesome enough that people are already asking about renting it (i will rewire it with a better switch before the next appearance so it makes more fog; we also need to add a fan behind it blowing out toward the crowd so the fog travels further and a better power strip - the little one blew when pump two shorted, and had no removable fuse which made power an issue until we moved some things around)

there were a few really good costumes, but overall, meh - and too many tourists who bought the cheap goth/sexy costumes in a bag or people who dressed like it was any other club night - not even simple things like zombie makeup or a mask; and once again the tourists were asshats - i swear we need to start putting big warnings on the flyers and event sites that grabbing someone's ass or pushing them or harassing them is not acceptable behavior even when people wear revealing clothes (and last night some of the female tourists were as bad as the men)

i am still sick, but no worse than yesterday or the day before, so sleeping/napping pretty much all day (yes, that's with the adderall) was the right thing to do as it allowed me to get out for a few hours
10/31/09 22:51 (UTC) - addendum
a friend noted that maybe i should censor this post as it makes me look like i'm spending money i shouldn't be - but the white contacts were from last year's costume, the fog cannon is b's (i just worked on the electronics/wiring)

and yes i went to a club again but since i worked on the decor it was free
11/1/09 19:35 (UTC)
the place looked absolutely awesome, you guys all did great setting up. And the fog canon was very cool!

i noticed a lack of really interesting costumes, i figured some of it was because there was no contest but still, it was strange to me that so many people just stuck some stupid cat ears on top of their normal club stuff and went out - so boring! my costume was a nightmare to get out of whenever i had to pee so i get not wanting to be that involved but still...i think dressing up is fun. i didn't notice the rude tourists but the heavy pouring bartenders conspired with my smaller than usual dinner to leave me a bit distracted ;P

11/1/09 22:14 (UTC)
Personally I think at this time you should be censoring all of your posts. It would probably be in your best interest. When I was going through my divorce, every single smidge of personal info leaked was used against me, from MySpace statuses to birthday parties I attended. I know it sucks but it's only temporary, and would keep you from having to explain everything, especially since it will all just be he says she says stuff anyway. No reason to hand him ammo.
11/1/09 22:38 (UTC)
the thing is, as i pointed out to my friend who mentioned i should censor this - even if i never post about going out again, he will still have ammo - pictures get taken with or without my knowledge, and just by going out i give the club permission to take and post pics - and this is going to be an issue that i have to deal with in court as he's already brought it up

so let it be public; but since he's brought up me going out as some sort of proof that i'm not sick i can also compare it to club posts from before things got this bad - sleeping at the club or too out of it to carry on a real conversation isn't normal, even though i was in pain then too