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daily med crap

a note on pain and pain meds - at the moment daily i take either one flexoril or one soma at bedtime, those are technically muscle relaxers, but for me that dulls the pain enough for me to sleep usually; my first choice for daytime pain other than a headache/migraine is a daytime dose of flexoril or soma depending on which one i took the nite before (we're alternating to reduce potential of building up a tolerance; up until last fall i was on flexoril but only on really bad pain days - both meds seem to have about the same impact for me); on bad pain or high stress days i take clonazepam at bedtime as well (usually no more than two times per week); due to my allergies and being on anti-coagulants all nsaids are a no-go, so at this point my other choices are tramadol (which can help if it's arthritis/fibro pain, but sometimes triggers a migraine, so i never take it if i have a headache), drug a (which works about half of the time not so much by taking the pain away but by making me not feel it as badly), and drug b (which makes me hallucinate both visually and auditorially, but which almost always makes me not care about the pain - i do not like this medication, but the options are very limited due to the host of problems so i take b when i have to); taking or not taking any/all of these seem to have no bearing on my memory/brain function, or on the numbness in my arms/hands/legs; i also use a heating pad, a hot shower, a soak in the hot tub, exercise, and for lack of a better description relaxation/meditation techniques to try to control the pain with varying degrees of success

saturday - spent the rest of the day at home, watched some dresden files on hulu, and slept (~ 14 hours again from saturday bed to sunday wake up - this isn't right)

sunday - stomach upset worse again, nothing else new; hope to actually dance at mal for a bit tonite; ~4pm i appear to be getting another migraine (jaw hurts, band of pain around head) but i took med a right away so i hope it doesn't get bad; 8pm migraine mostly thwarted, but at a price - the drug a didn't really help, so i wound up taking drug b around 7pm and am hallucinating again (i THINK i am getting a little better at coping with this med, and am finding reading/writing actually helps as i have to force myself to focus which leaves less room for scary visions, but i still hate it - i do not like having to chose between curling up in a corner or taking an admittedly effective medication and hallucinating for the next 6-8 hours) but my brain seems to be mostly present today, which a migraine seems to be a pretty reliable indicator for - if anyone can explain to me what this means i'd love it; i had a good nite at mal again (and it was free because of my zodiac sign) - the hated pain med seem to work for all my pain (i know it's there, it just doesn't matter - must discuss this further with docs as i've only recently started using it again after the first few tries resulted in terrifying hallucinations, but that was when i wasn't this sick), so i danced a lot in comparison to a normal night, talked to a bunch of people mostly sensibly i think (m & n both commented that i seemed a lot more alert than friday), and was happy to be hit on by a very cute boy; unfortunately i also threw up dinner/meds probably due to nausea from migraine combined w/ nausea from anti-biotics (pain meds do not seem to impact the nausea either way)

monday - woke too early (apartment management needed access to patio, ~ 8 hours sleep), but went out with t and took care of banking (deposit for rent), target and whole foods for vitamins/fiber/fish oil/etc - the cost of all these things is ridiculous, but they do help at least somewhat; came home and spent afternoon/evening doing some online job searches and reading - still fighting migraine, brain somewhat fuzzier than yesterday, but head doesn't hurt as bad as yesterday so no pain meds so far, and the nausea hasn't quite made me throw up again although i only managed to eat about 1/3 of lunch; i'm tired of doing this, but tracking things is letting me start to maybe see patterns (at least with migraines and being less out of it when i have one)

tuesday - slept horribly - between alarms for meds and nightmares i think i managed ~ 7 hours; exhausted, definitely not all here right now, but i cannot get back to sleep atm; dizziness, heartburn & upset stomach as well - meds not going down easily; napped and surfed the web most of the day (it took me all day to read like 100 entries on lj and that was with several twitters or saved posts tbr later - when brain is mushy twitter is much easier to process), but now i'm getting another headache (~7:30pm) - so i'm going to fix and try to eat dinner, then take bedtime meds early and try to sleep this off

wednesday - woke feeling nauseous and still fighting a headache but i did sleep soundly if not enough; ~ 1pm was asked to stop working with Electric Velocipede (sad/crying, but i understand - i am much slower at reading than i was a year ago, and it takes me forever to process and edit/critique now) - damn it - if i cannot do something i love as much as read well enough/fast enough to be kept on as a volunteer i am soooo fucked in terms of finding a job
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