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An open letter...

note: this was sent to both my senators, my congressman and the potus

Dear Senator Boxter,

Below is a copy of the message I just sent to President Obama. I do not know how much influence you have to address these issues, but I would ask that you do all you can both for our country and for you and the Democratic Party in general. If these issues are not addressed, I do not think that the Democratic party will retain control of the House and Senate for long, and I fear for what will happen to our country if that is the case.

Thank You for your time and efforts.


Dear President Obama,

I was a strong supporter when you were running for president, and while I understand you cannot fix every problem this country has at once, I am appalled that your White House seems no better than Bush's when it comes to keeping secrets and infringing on our rights to privacy and free speech.

Your continued censorship of the NSA's "secret" monitoring of citizens email and phones is not what I or anyone I know expected of you. And this: is a complete mockery of the bill of rights.

Please drop this treaty, and stop allowing the content providers to dictate policy.

Please allow the investigation into the NSA to proceed with your full cooperation, and live up to your promise of an open and honest administration.

You're making progress, albeit slowly, on health care and education, and our economy is at least a bit better (although like many people I am unemployed and have been since May 09), but your administration seems to be favoring big business over the working class quite often and that too is a disappointment to me.

As someone who was proud to see you elected, I cannot adequately express my frustration with your administration regarding these critical issues for the vast majority of Americans. So while I applaud some of your accomplishments, I continue to find myself embarrassed by our government in many ways. This was not why we worked so hard to elect you, and our hopes, our wish for change seems to be falling victim to special interests and corporate America once again.

Please restore our faith in you and your administration before you lose us for good.

Thank You,

[ETA] perhaps if enough of us remind our government of this, it will make a difference; to reach them follow the links from

and there's a follow up on the copyright issue: Secret copyright treaty gets worse: it coulld put kids in *jail* for noncommercial copyright violations #acta
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