alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

more politics...

i read the following article about a decision by the US Second Circuit Court and it's linked sources - it is horrifying to me that our courts are helping to cover up and even endorsing torture, and that the president we elected on the promise of change is condoning this

plus the election results and bullshit from yesterday - i am once again ashamed of my country, my fellow citizens, and in fact most of humanity - i do not care what race, religion, sexuality, or gender you are; it doesn't matter where you live or what you do for work/school/fun/worship; it is never, ever acceptable to deprive others of their rights

to quote carl sagan "we are all made of star stuff"; so we all have but a short time alive, and then we all die and our bodies break down and become star stuff once more - to me that means that your belief in God, Buddah or Allah, Jesus, Zeus, the Torah, the Flying Spagetti Monster or who/whatever you chose to worship gives you no right to dictate what i believe, to limit my freedoms, to tell me that my life is unequal to yours
Tags: political

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