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  • 11:51 RT@greatdismal OFFLINE
    spec trailer/short by Matthew Santoro (via Motionographer) - interesting #
  • 11:52 Allowing voters who think #GLBT people are sinning "perverts" to decide fate of GLBT rights is like allowing the KKK to rule on segregation. #
  • 11:53 And #GLBT rights cannot be left for the states to decide, anymore than racial desegregation could. #mainefail (via @greygirlbeast) #
  • 11:57 RT @warrenellis My print-on-demand book project SHIVERING SANDS, collecting 7 years of stuff, is now live: #booklust #
  • 12:08 RT@greygirlbeast SF Company Helped Repeal Maine's Same-Sex Marriage Law
    #mainefail #
  • 12:19 RT@geekgirldiva Heh. That's perfect ;_) RT @geeksdreamgirl: HOLY CRAP. I just saw a chick with a Jesus fish tramp stamp. #
  • 12:32 RT@matociquala (16 for me) -hells most wanted #atheist, #lgbt #
  • 12:40 via @geekgirldiva - i agree, it is brilliant: 6 ways for geeks to handle stress #
  • 12:45 RT@doctorow: Secret copyright treaty gets worse: put kids in *jail* for noncommercial copyright violations #acta #
  • 13:36</ em> an open letter re NSA secret monitoring and copyright insanity (please read and act) #
  • 13:48 and a post on my disappointment with humanity and the denial of people's rights #
  • 13:49 @cmpriest - beautiful color ;) #
  • 14:47 that's part of it for me... RT@catalyst_echo I figured it out. It is about chasing your dreams... That is how dancing saves us. #
  • 14:51 why i hate people:
    RT@racheline_m did someone really start the "tone" argument w/ me & explain I don't get rights because I'm "hysterical"? #
  • 14:54 this too (re: dance) RT@NuiCobalt If I let someone else's douchbaggery keep me from doing the things I love, then they win. #
  • 18:13 today i actually wrote about something not angry: - hopes and fears #
  • 18:14 also, two lumps is full of win today #
  • 19:16 really? fumigate the white house to kill of the varmits #wtf #
  • 21:59 RT@greatdismal RT @PinkTentacle: Cube - (stop motion artwork) #
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