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  • 05:56 up for 5am anti-biotics, waiting for stomach to calm down & second dose of melatonin to work so i can go back to sleep; 10 days left - blech #
  • 06:11 features stories by @greygirlbeast & jay lake - excellent #
  • 06:12 oh, and i hate going back to standard time; the sun is already up but it gets dark by 5pm; my body clock is not adjusting well to this #
  • 06:38 cute pic, and congrats to you both! RT@docbrite 20 years today! #
  • 06:52 @GreatDismal RT @ellouis: Genius Party : <
    a href=""></a> (love the animation/story, not sure about the music though) #
  • 06:54 and now, back to bed; ttfn #
  • 13:18 Yes, people, #polyamory requires CONSENT of all involved. Personal defs may vary, but Multiple, Loving, and Consent are required elements #
  • 13:19 If your partners don't consent, it's CHEATING. Period. #polyamory #
  • 13:19 damn - both of those were RT@joreth... #
  • 13:23 @NuiCobalt sending kisses and hugs per @geekgirldiva's request (all you have to do is ask beautiful one) - much love #
  • 13:28 @mollycrabapple i'd love to - are you in la? (pics of me can be found - i love corsets #
  • 13:31 @nuicobalt - is there anyrhing i can do to help? foods or natural sleepy meds or a hot tub to relax in? #
  • 13:35 daahmn RT@warrenellis I'm not going to keep posting about RED, I swear, but the cast so far is just surreally good. #
  • 13:43 @dsiringmachine antibiotics for "may have lyme" - no better, still have to do 30 days (or more) b
    /c if i have it i've had it for a long time #
  • 14:20 @zoecello i hadn't seen the whole video w/ @amandapalmer at google - thanks!! ( #
  • 14:25 @geekgirldiva Shooting at Fort Hood. At least 7 dead. - sad and appalling #
  • 14:25 RT@greygirlbeast Today we launch the first Clarkesworld Citizenship Drive #
  • 18:50
    via @racheline_m science says women make men stupid but not vice versa #
  • 18:51 "I can see people extrapolating from this in all sorts of really ugly ways." r_m's comment - but the article itself is pretty damn sexist #
  • 21:50 dan savage made me feel a little less disgusted w/ humanity #
  • 21:56 @superacid ewww... "I clutch my chest in relief! For some perverse reason and for a microsecond, I thought you wrote *Michael* Savage!" #
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