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meds updates

rest of weds - after naps and writing (brain doesn't feel to mushy atm, and i have a bunch of links to write about) and dinner w/ t i found it hard to fall asleep for a while, i hit bed ~ 1am and slept til 5

thurs - 5am wakeup for antibiotics which caused immediate nausea; took a soma and was back asleep ~ 7am after a bit of mostly mindless twitter viewing; slept til ~ 12:30; lunch/meds = more nausea and other stomach issues - body is not happy about doxy & cipro at all; ~9pm headache that's been hanging around the edges since sunday now full blown migraine - i am pretty sure these migraines and the nausea are a direct result of the antibiotics (nausea, headaches, dizzy, vertigo, blurry vision are all potential side effects, and i have them all atm) as things get worse after my 5pm dose every day - 9? more days i think then i am done w/ them at least until after my 11/30 doc appointment; boi asked me if i was going to stop the adderall as well (i'm not, at least atm - before i started on adderall i was sleeping up to 16 hours a day - now i am sleeping less although my body seems to want 10-12 hours/day which is still a lot for me - if i want to get back to "normal" or at least be able to find some sort of job i cannot sleep 16 hours at a stretch); for some strange reason, i'm not as angry as has been usual today, and brain has been mostly functional i think; we have pork chops and green beans for dinner tonite and some project runway & dresden files to watch

weight continues to drop though it is more slowly, the candidia in my mouth/throat is driving me batty, and my skin/lips are ridiculously dry - hopefully that will stop once the antibiotics are done as i'm about 35 lbs down from our visit to md/dc now which is five pounds over what i consider my safe minimum weight. i am still working out almost daily (except days we're going dancing/etc - that is my workout those days) as it helps w/ sleep and this weight loss can mean muscle loss which is the last thing i need; also, i think working out helps my appetite so i take in more food than without it, which means i'm not losing as much as i would be otherwise

the numbness is about the same - not constant, but there is almost always some part of the day where i notice i'm not feeling surface of arms/hands/legs (for instance - laptop gets very warm, when i can't feel the heat on my knees or my hands i know i'm numb again... also the constant pain in hips/shoulders is still higher than it should be, which i'm hoping is because my body and the antibiotics are not coexisting well

i also smell sick - best description is rancid chicken - showered three times, a few hours later i smell sick again - t and i both hope that means the antibiotics are knocking something out of me, but what? and why did it take 20 days for this to start?

more questions than answers as usual, but i'm at least in a decent mood today - so i'm going to send this now (note: this was sent at 9:50 last nite, but from the wrong mailbox so it didn't post)
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