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asleep at mal 9/09
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11/12/09 0:01
asleep at mal 9/09
  • 13:25 Tonite in LA we'll be at @NuiCobalt's "NEMESIS" with MP3J Sark (TheoryRadio.org) and @DJXian (LADEAD.com)!!! tinyurl.com/yfn8sbu #
  • 15:52 spent the last several hours escalating up the chain w/ bc/bs again; they are still not processing my medical bills #insurancefail #
  • 15:55 claims for 2007/2008 bc/bs didn't process for two years now, telling me that they're missing codes when they are right there #insurancefail #
  • 15:57 vp's office and claims manager now have fresh copies; next stop insurance commissioner's office #
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11/12/09 21:30 (UTC)
Insurance companies make it so easy for us to hate them, don't they? I actually got $100 dollars back from the $5K I spent in the Medical Savings Account this year, and felt lucky to get that much.