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asleep at mal 9/09
i hate people 
11/12/09 17:32
asleep at mal 9/09
In an act of bigotry, the governor of Rhode Island has vetoed a bill giving domestic partners the right to claim the bodies of — and make funeral arrangements for — their loved ones.

rm puts my thoughts into words again http://rm.livejournal.com/1750618.html

Silence = Death indeed.

I've had it with rainbows, as I think I've said before we need to resurrect the pink triangle until gay or straight, bi, transsexual, queer, transgendered, cisgendered, lesbian or whatever your sexual preference/presentation we are all equal in the eyes and laws of our country.
11/13/09 1:54 (UTC)
The comments in rm's post include some great discussion of this, including this exchange:

RM: I think you are absolutely right. I want to say "how did we forget to be angry" but maybe it's because so many people died.

Me: Whereas me? I'm still, endlessly, "too" angry, and I hate watching my country do this again and again.

But I'd rather be the too angry "child" of ACT-UP than the person who sits back and watches the family she's chosen be decimated by stupidity and lies every day.
11/13/09 6:35 (UTC)
one of these days soon, i'm going to end up in the front yard smacking the ground with a large stick, giving america the beating it so richly deserves.

honestly, i don't see why we bother with the pretense of a constitution, anymore.. it's not like the pretty words about guarantees of liberty and equality under law contained in those dusty, neglected papers actually mean anything, anymore.
11/16/09 14:00 (UTC)
I wasn't aware the pink triangle had ever gone out of vogue. I mean, I have a rainbow on my car - mostly so I can flirt w/ girls - but wasn't aware that the triangle is the angrier/more activist symbol. I was all w/ my fist up in the air w/ the ACT UP days too, in North Jersey & NYC in the eighties. But it's interesting that I didn't think of the pink triangle as being to more political symbol.
11/16/09 20:28 (UTC)
yeah - if you look at the history of gay rights activism, the rainbow flags etc were a reaction to people who felt the pink triangle was too political; now that the GLBTQ had at least some basic rights, and that AIDS was being talked about and treatments developed that a less confrontational show of support was needed - and they designed the rainbow for that purpose

but both b & i keep talking about it - look at a contemporary webpage or pride festival - the triangle is gone; and while we seem to get angry sometimes nowhere is it consistent or loud like it was in the 80's; also, it feels to us like our history is being whitewashed a bit with the change to happy pretty rainbows

i don't know about you, but i lost too many people i loved in the 80's, from government neglect and ignorance and i can no more forget that than i can forget all the people i know were killed in concentration camps or who were tortured by Bush & Co or... i am still that angry punk in a lot of ways, i just channel it a bit better