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asleep at mal 9/09
Stuff for sale 
11/18/09 17:24
asleep at mal 9/09
Help me pay for my next round of ludicrous medical bills since my insurer won't...

Icon Motorcycle Jacket, minimal wear, with CE arm/elbow & back armor; Mens XS (Chest 34-36", Sleeve 30")
$75 + Shipping
(more pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23088790@N06/4115375869/in/photostream/,

Pleasers Boots, Patent Vinyl with Black Fittings, Size 8,
$50 + shipping
worn only once and it shows, they are too wide for my chicken legs (http://www.flickr.com/photos/23088790@N06/4115377209/in/photostream/)

NWOT Lip Service Black Vinyl Dress, Size M
$90 + shipping
this dress is beautiful, but not on me (discontinued item); the style is very Morticia Addams, with lacing in front and back, full sleeves, and flared bottom/train

Artifice Clothing Corset, Metallic Blue, steel boning, worn twice (not quite stiff enough for me); this would be a great piece for a bellydancer or someone who wants some flexibility in their corsets to wear; Size S (waist ~ 22" when laced closed),
$100 + shipping

OOAK Lip Service Steampunk Skirt, NWOT, Burgandy Gauze (the flash makes this appear lighter than it is) from one of the warehouse sales; waist 30 inches, back zip closure
$25 + shipping

OOAK Full Floor Length Skirt - purple & black paisley brocade (the color in the shadows is the real hue; machine washable), invisible side pockets, zip & hook back closure, waist 29"
$70 + Shipping

OOAK Full Floor Length Skirt, grey & black scallop brocade (machine washable), invisible side pockets, zip & hook back closure, waist 29"
$70 + shipping

Pleasers veggie leather boots, upper boot is made of stretch material, some wear, size 8
$50 + shipping

I am shipping from the LA area; all items are from a pet-free, smoke free home and have been laundered where appropriate.

All packages will be shipped UPS ground unless otherwise requested; payment via paypal only must be received before I will ship your purchases; it may take me up to three business days to get items shipped depending on how I feel.

If you wish to purchase multiple items or make an offer on something please feel free to do so.

And if you want the back story on why I'm selling this stuff or where I am with BC/BS and job hunting or to just make a donation please go here: http://alumiere.livejournal.com/351940.html.

Finally, if you can, please point everyone you know at my journal posts on this; the more people who see it the more likely someone will buy things or help me find work, etc.
11/19/09 22:32 (UTC)
How long is the burgandy steampunk skirt, please?

I'm thinking about a couple other items too, I'll let you know asap.
11/20/09 0:12 (UTC)
the burgandy skirt is 19" from the top of the waist to the bottom center; it is fairly full with the bottom hem being a circle 3' in diameter
12/1/09 5:22 (UTC)
Okay, that's too short for me, so if they're not already spoken for, I'd love the long burgandy skirt and the platform Pleasers. I'll need the boots I think, to avoid hemming the skirt. ;)

I checked out the sizing chart for Stormy Leather, because I was interested in the demi cup corset. Do you know if the dimensions they give are the corset laced closed, or the dimensions of the body it's supposed to fit? I think I'm about 38-29-40 right now, which doesn't sound like a Medium would work for me.
12/1/09 6:10 (UTC)
certainly; the stormy may be too small but i'm not sure - measuring one panel it's 13.5" under breast, 12" at waist (on me I don't have enough boobs - but I'm a 32B this week, 30" waist) this rides above my hips, but hip is 12" as well; skirt and boots for $120 shipped; my paypal is this at comcast . net; if you want the corset too make it $180?

I should note on the Stormy that I can comfortably lace it closed at the waist/hips/chest with between 1 and 2 inches gap, but I can't fill the cups - today's measurments are 32B-30-36. So this very well might fit the curvier Jenny.

12/1/09 6:41 (UTC)
Cool, I think I'll risk it. Paypal is forthcoming.
11/20/09 1:19 (UTC)
i am tempted by the corset even thou i suspect it is to small for me...would i be able to try it on sometime? if you get a buyer before we an meet up or something then go ahead and sell it (i don't want to lose you a sale!)
11/20/09 1:28 (UTC)
sure - we'll figure out when/where