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I'm Broken...

So I've been asked to give everyone an update on my medical situation, job hunt, and insurance failure...

First and foremost, to everyone who read and shared this or donated - you all rock. Because of your donations, I was able to pay my insurance (COBRA) and go see my Doctors in September. I just wish that those visits had given me some answers.

The specialists (who I've been working with since mid 2007) do not know what is causing the mind blanks. I'm very hard to diagnose and treat because of the multiple co-morbid problems, and there are lots of possible causes for these symptoms. So trial and error are part of the diagnostic procedures.

The sleeping too much is probably part of the Fibromyalgia, as is the numb hands/arms/legs. I've been put on a low dose of Adderall (some patients see improved memory/concentration as well as the increased energy) and when I can take those I am definitely not sleeping as much and feel like I have more energy, but the improvements in memory function didn't happen.

My blood work last time indicated possible lyme disease, (a positive on 1 out of 10 factors) so I just finished 30 days of Doxycycline & Cipro (simultaneous doses twice a day), and I need to get a more advanced and ludicrously expensive lyme test done ($960 out of pocket, "should be reimbursed" by bc/bs). The Combination of Doxy & Cipro did several things:
* it killed all the good bacteria in my body
* it made the already bad systemic candidia considerably worse
* it caused loads of nausea, dizziness, vertigo, and other lovely side effects which are still lingering
* it made me smell "sick"
* it made absolutely no difference in my memory blanks (the best analogy I have come up with is a broken computer - either I can't retrieve the needed information, or I totally lock up for some unknown amount of time)

I also went to see a new PCP/Gyn; I liked her, she listened and is willing to work with me and the specialists. I hope that once we figure out what's wrong/how to treat it, she'll be able to take over some of my everyday care, thus decreasing the cost. She also wants me to go have a baseline mammogram done, but that's not in my budget right now.

I have been continuing to fight with BC/BS (I've spoken to people as high up as the "Special Assistant" to the President), and am getting the insurance commissioner involved, but thus far they've paid $0 of my 2007, 2008, or 2009 claims for the specialists and the medications to replace things my broken adrenal system doesn't make.

I've also been going through my clothes and shoes looking for things I don't wear or which don't fit well so that I can sell them. There's a post here with stuff for sale.

I'm still really uncomfortable about this, but you can donate toward my medical expenses at:

I'll keep posting updates here as I work to get this diagnosed and as I continue to hunt for a job (Los Angeles, CA unemployment ~ 12.7% and going up). Of course, out of the hundreds of applications and resumes I've sent out since February, I've had one screening test (I didn't pass) and a few emails with questions, but no in person interviews and no job offers. I've expanded my search and tried to broaden my resume to include other types of office work since there seems to be no demand for NOC Managers at Cisco ISPs, but that doesn't seem to make a difference either.

If you have a chance, I'd love it if people would re-post the link to my sale and/or this page as far and wide as possible. And if you have any other ideas about work I can do from home or at an office in the LA/Santa Monica area, please let me know.
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