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asleep at mal 9/09
Dreamfields Mac & Cheese 
11/19/09 19:38
asleep at mal 9/09
382 cals/serving, 21.9g fat, 9.4g "unprotected" carbs, 21g protein

3 eggs
8 oz light cream cheese
1/2 cup butter
8 oz 2% milk
3 c kraft 2% 4 cheese mexican
2 c part skim mozzerella
2 oz grated romano cheese
1 box Dreamfields brand low carb elbow macaroni

pre-cook pasta for 10 minutes following directions on box (this will leave the pasta firm; it will cook more during the baking)

while pasta cooks thoroughly blend butter, milk, cream cheese, eggs and romano cheese (in blender or food processor)

drain pasta, return to pot, mix in blended ingredients above, then stir in 2c each mexican and mozzerella cheeses and mix to distribute cheese

in non-stick baking pan (10x12 or 11x14) pour the pasta and cheese mixture, cover with foil

bake at 325* for ~25 mins (until cheeses all start to melt together); remove foil, top with remaining cup of mexican cheese, return to oven for ~10 minutes until cheese on top is melted and golden brown around the edges

cut into 12 equal pieces and serve

* to increase protein, try mixing in 1-2 lbs pre-cooked chicken or turkey breast cut into bite size chunks (you'll probably need to add another cup of milk if you do this, and you'll want to use the 11x14 pan or it won't all fit)

* to cut the fat and calories further, replace butter with the margarine etc of your choice

* i serve this as a main course, with or without the added protein, usually with a salad or simple steamed vegetable on the side

* this can also be made with regular pasta, quinoa pasta, whatever your choice... the quinoa pasta i use tastes just like wheat pasta, and my body likes it better
11/20/09 5:43 (UTC)
how is low-carb pasta? i love italian but sometimes feel bad about the amount of pasta & bread i can eat in one sitting :P
11/20/09 5:54 (UTC)
we're really happy with the dreamfields pasta; i've tried some other low carb pastas which were inedible

i find that it takes longer to cook than regular pasta, and uses more h2o, but otherwise no-one can really tell the difference