alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

And a meds and life update

My body is still purging the damn anti-biotics it seems; I hope to never need them again. I still feel like crap and have occasional bouts of dizzy/vertigo. We will be discussing this at my next Dr's visit on 11/30.

I have resumed taking the adderall yesterday, at a half dose, which seems to be ok for the moment in that I'm not sleeping all the time, but I am sleeping more soundly; and the hated, nasty fluconazol is starting to work (candidia is retreating from my throat/esophagus).

Weight finally seems stable at 120-125 (I was at 150-155 when I was on the east coast in August).

I am still trying to figure out how to work around the numbness and memory blanks, but Thursday I did leave the house by myself. I took the bus to go get basic bloodwork done, T picked me up when he got off work. Fortunately, that is a straight shot down Santa Monica from the apartment, and google maps on my cell phone plus written directions on paper made me not freak out completely (I have to get over this fear and re-learn how to get around). But I'm also grateful that T could pick me up; I don't think I would have gotten home safely otherwise (dizzy, nausea, very disoriented - bloodwork must be done before any food/meds, and they took 14 vials I think, which is probably a pint and a half of blood).

I also blanked out a few times, totally forgot that I'd done prescription refills until Walgreens sent me a reminder they were ready days later (and I have no idea why I refilled one of the meds and only got 8 out of 44 pills), added new bruises of unknown origin on my left calf and right upper arm. T joked that people are going to think he abuses me (he doesn't, I cannot feel them too often). He was poking the new bruise on my arm and I couldn't tell, and neither of us can figure out what I hit - the bruise is small but deep blue/purple, like I hit a sharp corner really quick, but on the back of my right arm 6" above my elbow - wtf?

The job hunt continues to turn up nothing, and I'm constantly broadening the things I apply for since the internet companies in LA are continuing to cut staff levels. I am tangentally qualified for or previously did office management, job costing, personnel, bookkeeping, and similar work, but I'm not getting hits there either, because I have been a NOC Manager for so long. I've even applied for some retail work, although I don't think I could do full time retail with my current health, but that's a moot point since I haven't gotten any calls.

I am continuing to fight with BC/BS, and have some help from a friend of Ms. staciadevi's but who knows when/if they'll pay up. I am applying for disability, but have no idea if/when that will come through, and even if it does it's less than my current unemployment checks - not enough to live on.

Working out and dancing once or twice a week continues; I need to exercise and I need the stress release.

Both T and I added reds into our hair yesterday - mine is now shades of purple, red, magenta, and hot pink; his is black and a dark red/auburn.

I also got a lovely skirt from slyxx which will get it's first outing tonight (there will be pictures, I'm sure). This was a custom piece T ordered for me ages ago (early 2008?), but like any custom work it took time and multiple samples sent back & forth to the other coast.

I've been enjoying twitter, still hate both failbook and myfail, and rarely use multiply although I do see your updates. I'm working on the last two shirts for Staciadevi, plus trying to sell some of my wardrobe that I don't wear.

I also have a few ideas for projects I want to sew then sell online provided I can use the machines without sewing myself. It requires me to be uber alert because of the numbness, and I can't work at the speed I used to, when I would fly over the straight seams, etc. And I don't feel safe using the trimmer/cutter on the serger because of the numb, nor can I cut fabric/patterns when I'm not feeling my hands.

My external hard drive is dying and needs to be replaced soon. I am in love with my Macbook though - I never thought I'd be this happy with a piece of hardware. But even though I'm sure I fail as far as utilizing all the options, and I don't do much that's processor heavy, I've never had a computer that's this stable or comfortable. And it handles music, DVDs, Blu-Ray, streaming video, etc excellently. If they ever come out with the larger size IPod-Touch I will want one very very badly (there are some apps I really want, especially ebooks and web access, but the current version is just too small).

Oh, and do any of you chronic babes out there know why my TMJ has gotten so bad over the last few months? I thought it was a side effect of the adderall or the anti-biotics, but I spent about 10 days without either and it's still here. It seems to be almost a constant, and I think the TMJ is having a ripple effect, because my neck hurts (new pain), my shoulders hurt considerably more and I am having headaches more often.

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