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asleep at mal 9/09
Sale! Free Shipping! 
11/30/09 17:35
asleep at mal 9/09
My previous sale post garnered one purchase and a few people who looked at things; so for this week only, I'll include shipping anywhere in the US free. Please excuse the quality of the pictures - the flash on my camera is making things look spotty. Both corsets are in excellent condition.

http://alumiere.livejournal.com/351269.html#cutid1 has Lip Service, Pleasers, Icon, and OOAK clothing waiting for new homes.

and a few new items as well:

Stormy Leather demi-cup corset; size medium
$75 + shipping

Naughty Lola PVC Corset, light boning in back at grommets, size small
$75 + shipping

Thank you for looking!
12/2/09 20:23 (UTC)
Not sure which one you mean by silver; Jenny (from pennsic) bought the Stormy leather piece which is black; the Naughty Lola is black vinyl and would fit you well - our waists are about the same, but you have more up top than I do.